Thanks for stopping by! Below are some of the apps and websites I’ve built.


Built with: Swift/Xcode — Java/Android Studio
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Learning Japanese is a mental game that thrives on challenge and reward. Jalup doesn’t just plop a fun game on top of the language. It engages the brain’s natural urge to solve problems by making learning the language itself the game…


Built with: Swift/Xcode
Download: App Store

Breaking bad habits and creating new good ones both have one thing in common – they take time and effort. But if you can keep up your goal every day for 30 days, there is a good chance you will win. That’s where we come in.

Victory List

Built with: Swift/Xcode
Download: App Store

Every day there is a mountain of things you want/need to get done. I got tired of the super complex “To-do” list apps with bloated options and functionality. I wanted simplicity, only requiring a few seconds to start and continue using. Any extra moment spent fiddling with an app could be better spent on achieving your goals…

Jalup Kana

Built with: Swift/Xcode
Download: App Store

You want to learn Japanese as fast you can, so you can dive right into your favorite manga, anime, or video game. Mastering hiragana and katakana (“kana”), the 2 major alphabets of Japanese, are the first steps on your journey…


Built with: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Access: Website

  • Native Japanese material organized by difficulty level
  • Short 5-sentence comprehension quizzes made from the native source.
  • Difficulty levels automatically adjusted based on user submitted results and the type of material.
  • Discuss the difficulty level and ask questions about the Japanese found within.

Japanese Level Up

Built with: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS
Access: Website

Japanese Level Up is a small 2-person business run by myself (Adam) and my wife Yuki. It started out as a personal blog I began in 2010, where I shared my experience and success learning Japanese. Over the years it has evolved into a wide range of learning products where we try to complete one simple mission: Make You Fluent in Japanese. We’ll stop at nothing trying to get you there, and will make sure you enjoy every step along the way…